Mr. Roney is the math teacher

we have been working on subtracting fractions
last nights homework-pg.249 #'s (1-5)

February 23-26 we did...
pg. 216-217 #'s (24-40)
pg. 218 #'s (33-45)
we measured 20 square feet with yarn, and figured out what other shapes we could
make with 20 square feet. (there was no homework for that)

February 9th through 11th
we did pg. 205 20-38
and pg. 208 2-56 evens only.

ast Monday 1-12-09 we did page 659 1-19
Tuesday 1-13-09 we did page 176 35-58
Wednesday 1-14-09 we did a worksheet
Thursday 1-15-09 we did page 134,136 1-26
Friday 1-16-09 we did page 184,185 1-32


Last Friday we had a test, therefore we didn't have homework... YAY

Last Friday they had a test too! NO HOMEWORK!
pg.149 #'s 1-20
pg.143 #'s 1-20

Honors: Last Friday we didn't have homework unless your name was on the I hope you behaved...
Regular:Last Friday is ditto... only a different assignment.. which I hope you don't need to know...
The rest of the week, both classes were doing assignments from the book. See your friend for these pages.

Honors: Last Friday we did not have any homework. On Thursday, we took a quiz. The people who did not pass it had to retake the quiz on Friday. All the other people who did pass got to play math games or read.

We are now currentlly working on our steps in a mile project.
yesterday our assignment was to do page 98 #'s (1-18)
we also turned in both blue sheets for steps in a mile which is worth 50 points
all together.
SO TURN IT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
thanks =]]


During our first 32 days of school in math we have been working on factors from 0-99,prime factors and graphs

Honors Math:
pg.124-125 (73-94)

  • we had to do page 94. (20-35) last night
  • and the night before we had page 91 (1-19)
  • yesterday we had a quiz on problem # 20
to see if you could do it....i could so you can too =]]

on Friday our assignment was
pg. 96-98 #'s (1-19)