Dear Mr. Agamenoni, thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year. I had alot of fun in your homebase, and learned many things. Thank you for introducing me to the now gives me something to do at home, since i don't have a myspace or facebook. I especially enjoyed talking about basketball with you. Many teachers don't share the love of basketball, like you and i did, so they don't really like to talk about me and my basketball life, and because you were involved in basketball, it was easy for us to talk about it. I am going to miss you as a homebase teacher next year, but good luck in your ECS teaching job! I might actually have you as an ECS teacher next year. Good luck in coaching basketball next year, and have a great summer!
Sincerely your student, Darbi Fought :)

This Summer i am going to 6 or 7 basketball camps. I am going to the GFH, CMR, Griz, Carrol, NBC billings, NBC washington, and the KU camp in Kansas :]
I hope it will be fun. I have never been to Griz or Carrol camp, but i have been to all the others except Kansas. NBC would probably be the hardest camp i have gone too, becsause it has to do with alot of fundamentals, and pure shooting. NBC is also a religious based camp, so you learn alot about god while your at the camp. NBC camp is also one of the biggest overnight camps in the nation. You stay in dorms on a college campus for 5 days. It's alot of fun :]]
I personally do not believe in the easter bunny. The reason i do not believe in the easter bunny is becasue for the last 3 years, my brother, sister, and i have had the same easter baskets every year. I also went in my moms closet and saw all 3 of the easter baskets on her shelf, so i think my mom and dad stuff them with candy and put them out at night so then we wake up and see them on the table and think it was the easter bunny (but it really isnt) was just my mom and dad i believe. Even if there was an easter so sure a bunny is smart enough to fill a basket full of candy and set it on the counter, plus there like not even tall.....they just run ya i have no clue? but its not real.....

My favoritegoal of the five goals of Rachels challenge, would probably have to be "eliminate prejudice". Eliminating
prejudice is a very good thing to do. It's trying to make you see the best in others. Sometimes, it is hard
for me to eliminate prejudice, but once I eralize that finding the good in others is way better to find then the bad, and it is alot easier
to get along with people. Nobody likes people that negatively judge them from how they look, so thats why Rachel Joy Scott
came up with the chain reaction challenge.

Looking back on the Rachel's challenge assembly, I've realized that I have changed drastically about
how i treat other people. Rachel's chalenge was all a purpose to create a chain reaction of kindness
and that is what I have been striving for. I have been faced with things such as peer pressure since the Rachel's
challenge, and some of it had to do with bullying, but I tried to acept Rachel's challenge throught my peer
pressure, and it helped along the way. Rachel tried hard to creat a chain reaction of kindness, and even if one person
tried to start a chain reaction out of many people, it is still a tremendous accomplishment.


Aunt Terri
Aunt Michelle



Taylor Swift

Rachel Joy Scott

"If we were here for fun,we would be rollerskating!" -Dad


  • dare to dream
  • choose your influnces
  • use kind words
  • start a chain reaction
i thought the rachaels challenge presentation was amazing.
I also thought that it made an impact on many people during the presentation.
Alot of people have started a chain reaction.
Rachael knew that she was goin to change the world with starting
a chain reaction.
and many people have already started.
Rachaels Challenge is a really good thing that happened because alot of people have started to listen and respect rachel for
her goals and alot of people have started a chain reaction for her.

I have five new goals for me to accomplish in the next couple months

  • Develope my hook shot in basketball, and accompilish it in a game.
  • Help someone out when they are in need of it.
  • Be nice to my brother and sister, and try hard not to fight with them.
  • Try to get all straight A's in the next quarter.
  • make a new friend

One of my goals to accomplish in the next couple years is:
try to be nice to everybody
meet new friends
do a good job with taylor in traveling basketball in the next season
ride the super shot at the fair =)
catch another fish...since i have only caught 3 in my life
try to go 3 whole days without fighting with my siblings =(

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