7/5/09 I get a nice Alienware PC for 1,500 dollars I might get a sony PC and a nice asus netbook cause im rich and thats what people say to,really.

6/20/09 My girlfriend Jesicca died in a car wreck and I went to her funeral.( she was my ex-girl if you were asking)

6/18/09 I'm relaxing in my computer chair sleeping and i'm waiting for my new parts for my computer going for this summer way.

6/5/09 I went to the new resterount On The Border and all of the watresses were HOT!!!!!!!!!!! My watress was a hot blonde Yeeessssss!!!!! Her name was Baily. Nice name to. Still thinking about going back not for food...but, for her... : P

6/4/09 I'm waiting to get out of school and go home sit and relax.

6/3/09 I am still trying to survive with out starcraft 2 to wait so long....!!!!

6/2/09 I still cant get into Qville and its driving me CRAZY!!!!

6/1/09 First day of June and now have a second computer that is custom built from my Uncle Harvey.

5/25/09 I got my new 7 week old puppy that is a yellow lab that I named Habanaro on Monday.

5/23/09 I went shooting again but I went with my friend Pablo to the range.

5/22/09 I'm just at school doing nothing after the field trip at CM Russel.

5/18/09 I made the lobby and took out my old house and I bought the game Spore.

4/29/09 I'm on my basement still in QA. = )

4/23/09 I am moving out to a house made in 1954 and I'm getting a dog and still building my computer : ) I am still on my Basement building it on my house on QA.

4/14/09 I got my computer fixed and ready to play Diablo 2 ; )

4/6/09 I have my own hotel in Quest Atlantis.

3/25/09 I found out my family will be moving near my school! ; ) My mom and brother are going to see the band Red in concert.

3/23/09 What I did this weak was just clean the house. Last Saturday I shot a 44 Magnum at the shooting range out of town.

3/24/09 Well my computer( you know my Dell Dimension 4300 ) crashed the second time so I have no computer. : ( I also lost my Necromancer from Diablo 2 and it was a level 14!!!...)

Hi I'm nathan and I really love girls, boards, PC, GIRLS....! Did I say that already? Yup mostly girls. I'm a PFC (private first class) in a Marine Corps. compond called young marines 109th.My Goals are to get A's and B's in school,Build Mr.A's Computer,and Build my computer. I like to play Blizzard Entertainment games, and skateboard. My Favorite celebrity is Miranda Cosgrove because I think shes really cute and hot!!! No Really? I like to Also Build computers and help my my Uncle Mike build Computers to. I love to watch nick shows like iCarly,(Because I like Miranda Cosgrove) Drake and Josh,(still because of Miranda?) and spongebob. My Favorite Music Is HEAVY METAL!!! I like to listen to Disturbed, Shinedown, System of the down, Rat and Dokken. I sometimes listen to Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden. I like to hang out with friends like Corey, Andrew, Jesse, Kyle, Tristan, Reece, RJ, Marcell and. I love playing my PC games on the computer like Starcraft. Like shown hear on the bottom of the page. I cant wait for Starcraft 2 though to come out. When I grow up I want to work for Blizzard Entertainment. There is a thing in my school about Rachels challenge. These are the things that I have said about the club. People that joined the club now care.(To Much?) Its a club that is helpful to the school. Honestly in my heart i really kinda care about the club but, not really. People that joined the club know to be a nice kid now? Eliminate pregadise means that not to fight "IN MY OWN WAY." I might want to go to MSU College of Technology and get a Docters Degree. I do have a D+ in English but I have 50+ pionts to add to my grade cause of the grade I did on other peoples paper.I do probably have a few C or something...? I learned about Mathamatics.
Most of my friends ask who's your hero? Well the answer would be Jesus, John Wayne, My Grampa (now gone), and my family. So don't ask any more questions because I probably answered it all ready.
I also fixed my Dell Dimension 4300 the BIOS was mested up on it and I had to reinstall Windows XP but, only this time I used the 64-bit. I also started over on Diablo 2 and ovecoase now im a necromancer and am a level 17 and still working. Im putting the operating system Ubuntu on my Dell but, it did not work out and might convert it into a server CAUSE IT'S NOTHING.....!!!!!!. I will also get a n...e...w computer. Its the CyberPower Gamer Infinity 8000 Dream. It now lowered the price of the 8000 by 10 dollars saveing me money.( On car insurance just joking not really) Its really nice it has an Intel Duo Core Prossesor with a CoolMaster Computer Case it to is custom built. It is so awesome........!!!!!!!!!! Here's a page for starcraft 2 http://www.starcraft2.com/

A letter to Miss Halcro.

Dear Miss Halcro,

You are so cool you help me on my homework. You are so cool. When I have problems I could go to you for help and it gets done really quick with help. You helped me on my homework like on page 183 of number 2. ( does not exist though =/) You are cool and are helpful. You also help me with the answers on my homework so thanks.


This is so funny...
This is so funny...

These are Major PC Games I play...Warhammer Dawn of War 2, Starcraft ,Diablo 2, Spore, Sim City 4 Rush Hour, Age of Empires 2, Bejeweled 2, World of Warcraft, And Civilization.
The Necromancer encounters a strange creature in the vile waters of Kurast.
The Necromancer encounters a strange creature in the vile waters of Kurast.
external image dow2.jpg
this is the new starcraft 2 pretty sweat
this is the new starcraft 2 pretty sweat
this is hard starcraft mission survive for 30 minutes
this is hard starcraft mission survive for 30 minutes
external image 6-11_1.jpgexternal image Age_Empires_II.jpg