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Yo, homies! Levi here, and I have no idea why I just did that! Anyhoo, I have a few goals set for myself.

  1. No missing assignments the whole year!
  3. Find some way to quote a movie while making sense. (->_<-)

Also, I have a few New Year resolutions set for me:
  1. I will play with my cat more often. (Play = Exercise).
  2. When I make a commitment, I will stay with it!
  3. I will try to broaden my horizons (as far as hobbies go.)
Don't forget to pay Mr. A. $.25 to play computer games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. No, I'm not above shameless advertising... :-)

Birthday: November 23rd
Address: Yes.
Family: One four year old brother (Keaton), fourteen year old brother (Justice), Mom, Jack (stepdad), Raider (dog), Zeus (dog), Zeke (dog), and Izzy (cat).

This weekend, I played video games, went on the computer, and worked on my balloon car. No, I still haven't turned in my balloon car. >_> Anyway, some games I played include my newest ones, "GoldenEye: Rouge Agent", "Armored Core 2", and "Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution". My personal favorite is GoldenEye. As for the computer, my personal favorite site is www.sonicandpals.com. It has a really funny webcomic, plus a cool forum to post messages with other people. You can even post your own comic on the site. (Look for "The Life of Sonic" in the Fancomics section! ;]).

My grandma just broke her wrist this last Thursday. Justice went that night to take care of her, and I went over to spend the night on Friday so I could keep 24-hour surveillance on her. It worked out for me well, though; she just slept almost the whole time, so that left me to play PS2 and go on the computer most of the weekend. Again. XD Anyway... um... That's all, I guess.


Um... why are you still reading? >_>

My page is done, already! D: