King Kristina
Lindsay's Journal...

posted 6/1/09
Goals I haven't met...yet...
*In Cross Country I will get 2nd place
I'm hoping that I will meet that one in 8th grade.
*I will get atleast 2 of my books published
I'm currently writing one right now, but it's a long book so I'm not that far with it.

posted 3/23/09
I took my weekend early. On Thursday my friend's dad came and picked us up. He took us to our church and we waited for the rest of the Bible Quizzers to get there. My church youth group was going down to Billings for Rejoice. The Quizzers had to go down a day earlier than the people who don't. We rode down to Billings when everyone got there and then quizzed untill about midnight. We went to bed at 1:00am and woke up again at 6:00am. We quizzed again until about 3:30 on Friday and after that we had the rest of the day off to wait for all the other people to get there. Starting at 6:00pm all the churches had a dodge ball tournament. After the second game my team got out. Then my team went to the play room and played ping-pong and air hockey while one of my friends and I just sat on a chair (half asleep) and waited for the tournaments to end...which was past midnight. When we got back to our rooms at the hotel my friend and I ate cookie dough (it was good) and stayed up an hour more. On Saturday we woke up at 7:00am and had volleyball and basketball tournaments. My volleyball team came in 4th place. After that we had talent shows and my youth group did a human play to Freedom by Run Kid Run. We got about a 93 out of 100. While a lot of the people went shopping I went back to the hotel with some others and watched Discovery Channel until everyone got home. We, then, went to the swimming pool at the hotel which is as big as a football field and had really high waterslides (that were so much fun!!). My friends and I spent most of our time in the Wave Pool. My friend and I went down the waterslides but the line she was in went faster than mine so she got down sooner. When I came down everyone was gone so I spent 5 minutes walking around the pool trying to find everyone. I finaly went back up to my room and when I got up there everyone relized that they left me at the pool. I was like, "Thanks. I feel so loved." . It was funny though. That night the band Veteran Greene played at the church untill about 1:00am. Sunday morning we woke up at 8:00am and went to the morning service. When that was over we went to the Billing's Mall and then went home.

posted 3/16/09
Q: Has going to Rachel's Challenge meeting changed how you approached school this new year? Has anything we did with the Wiki?
A: Rachel's Challenge meeting did change how I approached school because I'm more open to more people. Some stuff on the Wiki changed how I approached school because I get to write on it, so I am improving. Since I'm improving on my writing, I can write better stuff in English.
I have reached goal number 2, being able to run a mile under 11 minutes.

posted 11/25/08
I am thankful for my family, pets, friends, books, house, food, animals...everything!

posted 11/03/08

Here are the goals I have achieved out of the ones I made...
*In Cross Country, I will get at least 3rd place by the end of the season. Yesterday at the meet I got 3rd place so I switched the goal to 2nd place.
*I will run a mile and a half under 12 minutes by the end of October. I have run a mile and a half in 10 min. 30 sec.
*I will finish reading Brisingr by November 5th. I finished it November 4th. Good book!!

posted 9/19/08
I have two people that I look up to. Anne Frank & King Kristina. Here is a picture of Anne Frank and here is a picture of King Kristina. King Kristina was made king of Sweden in 1638. Unfortunatly she is dead. I admire Anne Frank because she always kept faith and hope that someday the war would end and she and her family would be set free. I admire Kristina, because she was very determined to tell her people that she would be a good king even though she was a girl. Also she stood up for what she believed in. Both Anne and Kristina did not let anything come in their way of their hopes, dreams, and determination.

posted 9/18/08
Here are some of the goals I have...
•In Cross Country, I will get at least 2nd place by the end of next season.
•I will run a mile and a half under 11 minutes by the end of November.
•I will go to a great college (like Harvard or Princeton) and become a vet.
•I will publish ATLEAST two books that I wrote.

posted 9/16/08
The presentation on Rachel's Challenge was interesting. I thought that it was realy neat how she new that she was going to have a big impact on the world. I bet that if everyone's goal was like her's, to set a chain reaction of kindness, the world would be a better place. There would be no murderers, no burglars, and no school shootings. The presentation was very inspiring.