Do you believe in the pacific northwest tree octopus??? No, seriously... see just how "amazing" this "species" is... just try
this link See if you think they did a good job... it had me fooled for a while!
"Beware the ides of March"
-Soothsayer "Julius Caesar"
I survived...

1. Rachel's challenge has helped me to think about how people really are rather than what I see when I first meet them.
2. I have thought more about what I say to people before I say it
3. I have tryed to ignore the people that annoy me so I don't snap

Happy birthday to Jon! (my brother)
5 things I'm thankful for (or 7, or 11, or 13... prime numbers like that.)

  1. Fleece
  2. Family
  3. Food
  4. Friends
  5. Shelter
  6. Internet
  7. Microsoft Word
Ok... some of them aren't really serious, but 5 of them are... and who said they had to be...

"My friends are my estate."
-Emily Dickinson

Guess What??? If you turn your computer off when your not using it, then you can save up to 200 lbs of CO2!!! So, if that's just your computer, think of how much a school could save!!! When you use a plastic water bottle, your sending it to the landfill forever. How hard is it to keep a few reusable water bottles in the fridge so you can have the same convienience as grabbing a plastic one when you need it? Paper or plastic? Why not say neither? Bring your own cloth bags when you go shopping, and if you forget them, remember that if you can carry it, it doesn't need a bag! Check out some more tips for going green at www.dosomething.org or check out my favorite books while your at it at www.maximumride.com. Oh, and don't forget to recycle! :)

"Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, and life to everything." ~Plato

Well, I found this quote and decided that I wanted to use it for my page. I wrote it down and put it in my pocket, and while I was dropping my backpack off at my locker, It fell out. Mr. Davey found it, and started reading it to all the English classes, and when Taylor told him it was mine, he told me he had it. But he asked me if he could keep it until the end of the day... although I forgot to get it back from him, I found the catologe it had been in (they were selling a framed copy with a cool background for $17.95) and typed it (well, I obviously did. Otherwise, it wouldn't be the first sentence on this entry.) So, there's the story of the quote in English.

Do or do not. There is no try
So now I'm quoting Yoda. I must be going crazy. Of course my sister uses that one all the time. In fact, it's on her website. You can visit Kate's website with the link that is in this sentance. You'll find it if you look hard enough... ps. make sure to check out the videos. The volley ball one's pretty cool!!! :)

Hooray!!! I survived the first quarter! Now it's the official second quarter, not just in band! I read an article in the paper today about teens that have jobs having to pay taxes and not being able to vote about what the money goes to. It's like in the colonies, when they were complaining about the british taxing the colonists, when they could not take part in Parlament.

My new revised set of goals:

  • Practice my bassoon 100 min a week
  • Make an entry at least once a week
  • Read at least one article from the news paper every day
  • Keep all of my grades up to an A all quarter
  • Finish at least one book (more than 200 pages) by the end of November
  • Have at least 2 weeks where I have time to go to my locker before Woodwind Chior and Fiddling

These are the goals that I have set for the 2nd quarter and/or the month of November. I changed some because I have figured out my schedual more, and know what kind of spare time I have.

I just finished a book called She Said Yes about a girl who was killed in Columbine. But it was about more than that. Cassie Bernell's mother couldn't speand enough time with her because of her job. Cassie started hanging out with people who didn't make very good choices. They talked about murdering their parents and teachers, and Cassie's parents found letters from one of her friends to prove it. Cassie's parents decided that they wanted to raise a better daughter, and Cassie's transformation is what the book is mostly about. I found it really inspiring.

Period 3 science didn't finish their energy notes, and we had to finish the definitions as homework. It was hard and I couldn't find the definitions. #4 on page 32 was hard. My mom and my sister were helping me and we still dont think we found the right answer. Mr. A is being kinda weird today. The math homework took me FOREVER!!!

GO BISON!!! Today is Bison Homecomeing!!!

It's too late to achieve goal #1, because It'd be due tomorrow, and I can't get a painting done by then, let alone send in a picture. So, I'll just have to plan for next years... which I am determined to get done! :)

I have am now on my second day of making an entry every day! But... oops! I didn't practice my bassoon yesterday. I'd better do it soon, or else I won't be achieving goal # 4. But, my band grade is an A...

I'm at least starting to make an entry every day! I just hope I can keep it up. In a few minutes I have a rehersal for "The Best Cristmas Pagent Ever". I got the part of Gladys Herdman. So, I can't type much more. But It's still an entry!

Goals I have achieved so far:

  • Practice my bassoon every day
That doesn't seem like much, but FOR just started, and I just haven't had the time to get any artwork done for the Art of Healing exhibit. I probalby could have made an entry on this page every day, though...

My Goals are:

1. To hurry up and get my painting for the Art Of Healing exhibit done by Oct. first
2. Make an entry on this page every day (even on weekends)
3. Make a difference with the Friends of Rachel club (FOR)
4. Practice my bassoon every day and get a good band grade


  • Eliminate prejudice
  • Dare to dream
  • Chose your influences
  • Kind Words
  • Start a chain reaction

My sister Kate is one of my role models for three main reasons.
1) She is great at sports and is on the GFHS volleyball team. She will probably join the swim team when swimming starts. She also plays basketball, but didn't like the rivalry between GFHS and CMR.
2) Kate has so many good friends, and doesn't fight with them very often.
3) My sister is extremely kind (when she's in a good mood) and I am lucky to have her as a sister.