today we had to write a stupid thing so here it is mr roney you did alot for me this year but one thing is you taught me how to behave
and not to disrupt during class and to come to class so for that im gratefull.

this morning i learned not to envite people i dont know.
people i dont know could be anybody and a guy named timmyboy11111 wanted to join and i deleted him becouse i didnt know him so i learned not to let poeple join.
this summer im going to masoula and going to be a ranch hand and going to enroll in 8 wrestling programs

i think that rachels chalenge is dumb and i have bad feelings against it mr a wont let me get a drink!

i think Rachel's challenge is a big dumb bluff and that everybody gets fed tons of sad info and they feel sorry even maybe they have their own problems!
my goals for this quater is to be respectful and get higher than a b in every core class and have no missing work.

I learned to embed a vidieo today and you go to embed a widget and load the draft and save.

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i have alot of feelings we are suposed to read a book but it was really boring
but mr.a seid read it.


her feelings.rachel was a great person she stood up for other people
and she always did good deeds and helped people out
she was brave and she told the shooters on that bad day
at her school but she was brave and told the shooters

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Dodge Viper VS Suzuki Hayabusa - More free videos are here

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