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Hey this is my *page* (scroll all the way down)
"If We Were Here For Fun we
Would be rollerskating" - mark

Some goals i have for this year are...... get good grades in school..! good in basketball...!(traveling and school)
3.make new friends...! nice to everyone...!

Rachels challenge was interesting and inspiring.. I thought that is was weird how she knew she was going to die...
I also like how she wanted to make a differance in peoples lfe. She wanted to impact millions...
Another thing that was interesting was the part where the guy from miami had a dream of the picture that rachel had drawn..
A thing that was odd was that she knew she was going to die she was living her life to the fullest..!
My Heroes are....
*mom and dad

.....and many more people
hey i am taylor...! i have to older sisters....they are my heroes and my bestfriends.!
i am 12 years old...
i love playing basketball and softball...
my best friends are darbi,kaydee,maddy,brooke,cassie,carie,julia,mady,shayna,alex,hannah, and brooklyn...!

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