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-The PHUNest teacher ever!!!!-

(never say phun with an "f" in school)

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We have been working on writing 11 sentence paragraphs.
last nughts homework was writing an 11 sent. paragragh on your favorite restaurant.

February 23-26 we did...
A test on Annabell Lee in our literature book on pg. 266
We also read a paragraph in the book and had a page assignment on it
We also did an outline on a worksheet the substitute gave us.

2-9 through 2-11 we have been working on:
Lit. book pg. 236-37 "sentence paragraph"

The Giver
Wednesday 1-14-09 read chapters 1&2
Thursday 1-15-09 read chapters 3&4
Friday 1-16-09 read chapters 5&6
Read chapters 7, 8, 9,10,&11 over the weekend.

In Class-
-A River Runs Through It
-Create And Share
-Lit. Book pages 128-129

-Create Your Own Character
- a christmas story with scrooge and marley.
-create a puppet!! due- TUESDAY =]]

In Class-

-Peer Editing
-Rough Draft(complication)

-Final Draft (complication)

The Westing Game/ MAP Assesment/ Writing Assesment/ "A River Runs Through It"

"The Monsters are Due on Maple Street"

  • Wached on 10/31/08
  • We started today
  • We will finish tomorrow
Homework was to think of a time we jumped to a conclusion

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