Monday, September 8,2008 Taylor

Group A: Sierra,Darbi, and Taylor

  • Jammin tunes
  • Movies
  • Decorations
  • Wiki Manager - Sierra Duke
  • slush puppies once a month
  • donuts
  • more posters on the wall
  • gum ball machine

Group B: Lizzy, Taylor, Carie,Rj, Mike
  • Mini Gumball Machine
  • Music
  • Plants
  • Pet
  • Chocolate
  • Happy People
  • Mural

Group B: Nate, Nathan, Laky, Madison, and Henny

  • Musid
  • Donuts
  • Sweet Tarts
  • Posters
  • Bulletin Board
  • Computer Games
  • Yard Darts

Jordon said hi!
pledge and announcements!
the announcers made a mistake..
bring money for rainy kolstad fund.
binder check
i am in charge of rainy kolstad fun.
rj is in charge of the hole punchers
bring paperbags
find out about covering books cloth or paper
lakeys job is to find out about the books
top five jobs on a piece of paper/ ticket out the door

I still don't get what a wiki is? CLICK HERE

mike's favorite color is blue
Mr.A brought us dounuts today
we are going to sing pledge of alegence in a couple of minutes
carey is creative!
ecs people left
we are working on 23 things to want to come to school more
brad brang his form in
a pencil with lead built in is Mr.A's perfered pencil
evacuations:lockdown,firedrill,shelter in place
our job ito make Mr.a look good
changed name of green packet from bill to bill robert/billy bob

Friday, August 29, 2008 - Taylor
  • went over locker numbers cause mr.a lost them
  • mr.a made a mistake
  • annouments
  • chloe is not here
  • Mr.A owes us donuts
  • take out paper
  • write 23 or 29 things to do to the room that would make you want to come to mr.a's homebase room
  • nate is a pizon
  • beyonco turned in his three locker forms
  • nate is cool
  • stupid is not a kind word
  • k is for kindness
  • c is for consideration
  • r is for respect
  • t is for tollerance
  • take out bill go to page 7
  • bradley lost bill
  • mikaela brought everything she was suppost to. she is responsible
  • nate got his locker
  • read quietly page 7
  • be able to explain the page in 7 words
  • 7 words:it is about attendance and unexused absenses
  • 3 words:COME TO SCHOOL
  • 3 words: DON'T BE LATE
  • practice emergency evacuation



Thursday, August 28 Wiki-Recorder - Carie

talked about RCKT
in RCKT k means kindness
T is for tollerence

bradley does not have his permission form
Gage and Bradley did not have their parent compact signed

went to page 15 in our handbook about lockers and how to open them
we renamed the student handbook to BILL
how to work a lock:

spin it a few times to reset the combination
start at zero
turn to the right to your first number
go to the left past your second number and land on it the second time around
turn to the right on your last number
now OPEN
no tape in our lockers, only magnents

don't tell your friend your locker combination
no decorations on the outsides of your locker
we talked about cutting the cheese in different languages
we talked about people in different countries talking to us
Bradley communicates to people in 11 different countries

we are going to go put our stuff into our lockers
mr a still owes us donuts

Wednesday, August 27 Wiki Recorder- Darbi

Mr. A welcomed us to class 7/27/08 Good links for information about school...
We talked about our schedule.
We talked about middle school terms.
We talked about homebase.
students in this clas are 11,12,or 13 years old.
We all have the same teachers for are core subjects.
We talked about other subjects.
Mr. A made a mistake. He handed out the social skills paper at the wrong time =]
We read the EMS mission statement.

Mr.A's mission is for all of us to be

1. LIFELONG learners ...and...

2. kind, respectful and responsible contributing member of society.

We learned about Mr. Daveys really long nose hair.
RCKT is the 2008 theme
We worked on a paper.
Were going over it as a group.
Ms. Halcro came to visit us.
Nathan will be president of the computer club.
Wetalked about getting involved in clubs and sports.
We talked about kids who pick fights and bully, those things are the sand in Mr. A's oyster.
We talked about learning different cultures.
Mr. Davey visited us.
Mr. Delesha visited us.
Mr.Delesha loves fly fishing.
Mr. Delesha took aspirin for his Excruciating headache.
We went on a tour of the school.
We organized our binders
Mr. A owes us donuts.
We discussed our next class