Ouch looks like that hurts!

I can't wait till school is over. Only a few more weeks left and then I get to go visit my dad in California and fish and play basketball.

5/5/09-This summer I am going to lots of basketball camps because I love basketball and want to learn as much as I can. I will be in California this summer too fishing and more basketball.

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Funny Beer Belly Football Player Clip Images
Funny Beer Belly Football Player Clip Images

3/30/09- When a teacher tells a student no then usually the student whines .

Two Goals for myself-
  • To make the A team in basketball

  • To get really good grades in all subjects

Jerry Rice will always be one of my favorite players in the NFL. He's retired now, but he was one of the best recievers that ever played in the NFL. He was never selfisf about the game and never played only for himself but always for his teamates.
Jerry Rice makes another amazing catch

7 things I am grateful for are
1.my family
2.my friends
5.my house

Rachel's Challenge was I think a very good idea. Trying to tell kids to be more respectful and do little things to make people feel better might sound a little old to you but they didn't just tell you they did a presentation to over 1,000 schools across the country. Rachel wrote in her journal just before she died that she wished that everyone could just get along and be nice to people. One of my goals is to be nice every day and be a respectful student and friend to others.