This weekend I whent swimming with my family. We cleaned and rearrangrd my house. We played two games of Scene It jr. The first one my mom won the next one my dad won, but we played for second place it was very close, but my mom won second place
The wiki has chaned the school year for me by getting to put down what I am doing on a neer date.


:My goals are to make $1000 by 2010;to trvel to Australia.
:My roll modle is my grandpa on my moms side, he was an expert sharpshooter in World war two.
:I whant to get streight A's at the end of the quarter.
:I whant to shoot an elk on the eighth, nineth, tenth, or elleventh.

I am back in town and I saw a little 2*3 buck, we also
I will be out of town tomarow. I will be back in town on tuesday and back to school on wednesday.
I am going on a 4 day hunting trip with my dad and his freinds on the eighth to the elevinth. Last year my dads freind shot an elk and went to gut it and it got up and ran away.
I was reading Classical Myths that live Today. I read abuot Bellerophon.

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Apollo 13 Command Module recovery
Apollo 13 Command Module recovery
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