Taylor S.
March 16, 2009
Rachel's Challenge has made me think more about what I say to people.
I have achieved all of the goals listed below.
These are my goals:

  • get my little sister to laugh and laugh
  • get all A's on my midterm
  • have no missing work
These are the people I look up to:

  • my mom, Susie, because she has a ton of common sense and she is good at anything she chooses to do
  • my dad, Christopher, because he is very book smart and he is great with computers
  • I also look up to Amelia Earhart because she worked hard and achieved many of her goals.
October 3, 2008
Rachel Scott's story is sad, but I think it is inspiring.I am trying to do her five challenges. Which are:
Eliminate Prejudice, Dare to Dream, Choose Your Influences,
Use Kind Words, and Start a Chain Reaction.