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rachels challenge

Teachers watched this video at this year's convocation...Maybe the kids and parents should see this too...

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Mr. Agamenoni's Homebase Wikispace.

People are more connected to each other and can learn from one another in ways that just a few short years ago were impossible. Educators need to begin utilizing these ICT technologies in order to provide their students with better learning opportunities. Read/write web resources, like this wikispace, allow students to collaborate, analyze, share, and critically evaluate ideas more than ever before.

There are huge changes taking place in our world and we need to do everything we can to prepare our children for a very uncertain future.
It is an exciting time for our children. I hope to do everything in my power to teach them skills that they will utilize in the workplace when they get older. If you have any questions about this wikispace or would like to contribute to it, please let me know and I can answer those questions or show you how to edit and navigate a wiki.

This wiki will provide students with an opportunity to learn safe and ethical internet behaviors in a password protected, teacher moderated online environment.

Mr. Agamenoni

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